Menopause Questionnaire

The Greene Scale provides a brief measure of menopause symptoms. It can be used to assess changes in different symptoms, before and after menopause treatment. Three main areas are measures:
1. Psychological (item 1-11)
2. Physical (items 12-18)
3. Vasomotor (items 19-20).

Please indicate the extent to which you are bothered at the moment by any of these symptoms by placing a tick in the appropriate box:

The Meno-D is a rating scale to detect depression in menopause.

The Meno-D general reference point for each item is the individual's pre-menopausal level or state.

A: Low Energy. Over the last 2 weeks, have you noticed reduced energy levels?

Prompt questions: Did you feel more tired after activity then normal? Did your activity decrease because you were tired? Did you feel tired most of the time despite decreasing your activity? Did you continually feel tired so that even small tasts like brushing your hair felt draining?

B: Paranoid thinking. Over the last 2 weeks, have you experienced increased paranoid thinking?

Prompt questions: Have you been feeling guilty? Have you been worried that others think bad of you? Have you been suspicious that others think badly of you? Have you been convinced that others have low opinion of you or are trying to replace you?

C - Irritability. Over the last 2 weeks, have you felt more irritable?

Prompt questions: Have you felt more irritable than usual? Have you snapped at anyone or been short with anyone over small incidents? Have you felt real rage and has major outburst about minor incidents?

D - Self esteem. Over the last 2 weeks, has your self-esteem been lowered?

Prompt questions: Have you felt worse about yourself than usual? Have you felt really bad about yourself? Have you felt worthless and made negative comments about yourself? Have you believed that the world would be better off without you? Have you harmed yourdelf in any way? Have you experienced suicidal thoughts? Have you attempted suicide?

E - Isolation. Over the last 2 weeks, have you been withdrawn socially?

Prompt questions: Have you socialised as normal? Have you had less of an interest in socialising? Have you become socially withdrawn? Have you felt isolated, even when with others?

F - Anxiety. Over the last 2 weeks, have you experienced heightened levels of anxiety?

Prompt questions: Have you felt especially anxious or nervous when in public? Have you felt highly anxious when completing tasks that are routine or familiar to you? Have you had panic attacks and felt extremely anxious when doing normal everyday things?

G - Somatic symptoms. Over the last 2 weeks, have you experienced physical symptoms?

Prompt questions: Have you had any physical complaints? For examples, i) increased physical pain with little exertion ii) frequent headaches or iii) joint and muscle pain that limited your activity? Have you experienced severe and debilitating aches and pains that prevented you from engaging in activity?

H - Sleep disturbance. Over the last 2 weeks, have you experienced sleep disturbance?

Prompt questions: How has your sleep been? Has your sleep been broken briefly but you could get back to sleep easily? Has your sleep been broken several times each night and you found it hard to get back to sleep? Have you been waking up more than 2 or 3 times per night due to hot flushes, sweating? Have you on most nights been sleeping for only 2 hours or less due to sweating, hot flushes and night chills?

I - Weight. Have you gained weight (in comparison to pre-menopause weight)?

Prompt questions: Has your weight changed at all? Have you gained a moderate amount of weight despite no change in diet or exercise? Have you continued to gain weight despite engaging in strict dieting or increased exercise? Have you have a major weight gain of 6kg or more?

J - Sexual interest. Over the past 2 weeks, have you experienced a decreased libido?

Prompt questions: Have you had decreased libido? Has your libido diminished significantly? Have you had discomfort with sexual activity in addition to a decreased libido? Have you lost all interest in sexual activity?

K - Memory.Over the last 2 weeks, have you noticed any memory related difficulties?

Prompt questions: Have you had mild problems remembering simple things like names and numbers? Did you need to make lists in order to function at work or at home? Did memory problems lead to dysfunction or impairment in any way?

L - Concentration. Over the past 2 weeks, have you experienced problems concentrating?

Prompt questions: Did you have difficulty reading or holding a conversation? How severe were these problems? Were you unable to focus on any task for a suitable period of time?

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