Ending a Pregnancy: Medical Abortion (unplanned pregnancy termination)

In Australia, one in three women will have an abortion. Of these women, a third, if not more of them, will have a second one at some point during their reproductive years.

Deciding to end a pregnancy is a difficult choice for any woman.

In Australia, one in three women will have an abortion. Of these women, a third, if not more of them, will have a second one at some point during their reproductive years.

Reasons for terminating a pregnancy are complex.

Whatever the reason might be, women can educate themselves on their options.

To end a pregnancy, women have two choices – a medical termination of pregnancy, known as MTOP, or a surgical termination of pregnancy, known as STOP.

The practitioners provide a professional yet supportive and compassionate experience for those going through this difficult decision. Extensive non directive counselling is provided with qualified trained doctors.

Medical abortion (MTOP) services are available at The Bubble.

Medical termination of pregnancy was introduced to Australia eight years ago, though it was already widely used in other parts of the world. In Scotland and the Scandinavian countries, for example, 90% of all abortions are performed medically.

In Australia it is available to most women up to 63 days’ gestation (9 weeks).

Medical abortion within 9 weeks gestation is a low risk, non-surgical procedure with a high success rate. If you are more than 9 weeks pregnant you cannot have a medical abortion and we can help with arranging a surgical termination for you.

You will need to have an ultrasound and blood test before having a medical abortion. A medical abortion happens in two stages:

  • you will be given a tablet to take straight away
  • you will then be given tablets to take 24-48 hours later.

After taking both of these tablets you will experience something similar to a miscarriage. Bleeding may be heavy at first and then becomes lighter. Sometimes bleeding can last longer than 2 weeks. Your doctor will discuss what to expect after the medical abortion. The staff will give you a 24-hour advice number to call for support.

There are risks involved with all medical procedures, including abortion. The doctors will discuss these risks with you.

You will typically need 3 visits (2 visits only if you have been referred to us by your GP with investigations ordered). Please disclose when booking an appointment that you require an appointment to discuss medical termination of pregnancy.

The first visit is for confirmation of pregnancy and non-directive counselling of options (continuation of pregnancy, adoption, MTOP, STOP). Suitability for medical termination is gained. You will be required to have blood tests and an ultrasound before attending for your second visit. This visit is at least 40 minutes.

The second visit is for review of results and dates of pregnancy. Prescription is provided and follow up arranged (blood test form will be provided to have done prior to third visit to ensure completion of termination). This visit is usually at least 40 minutes.

The third visit is to determine if termination occurred. A more effective contraceptive option will be discussed at this appointment and can be arranged. Supportive counselling is also provided. This visit is usually 20 minutes.

Costs of these specialised appointments are detailed within our Fees page. There will be an additional cost to the pharmacy for the prescription (this is a PBS script) and ultrasound.

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