Mental Health

We acknowledge the significant impact that mental health has on well-being and physical health. We are fortunate to have registered psychologist Amy Farrell and specialist GP therapist Dr Sarah Shepherd to offer mental health sessions to patients identifying as women.

Registered Psychologist

Registered psychologists provide a wide range of psychological services to individuals for mental health conditions that range from mild to severe and complex.

Registered psychologists are trained in the assessment and diagnosis of mental illnesses and psychological problems and are qualified to provide clinical advice.

Using a range of techniques and therapies, they tailor programs to treat complex psychology problems requiring individually tailored treatment. All psychologists undertake continual learning in areas such as prevention, diagnosis, assessment and treatment.

The Bubble Launceston psychologist, Amy, has a Bachelor of Psychology and Master of Science in Medicine (Sexual and Reproductive Health) with a specialisation in Psychosexual Therapy.

Her qualifications in sexual and reproductive health allow for investigating and addressing the psychological and behavioural issues people face relating to their sexuality and sexual functioning. It can include managing relationship factors, building knowledge about sex, pleasure and the body, addressing different beliefs, attitudes and expectations.

The situations where someone might access Amy’s support include:

  • Pregnancy, fertility and parenting concerns. This may include parenting stress relating to older children.
  • General anxiety, depression and stress. Focusing on enhancing general wellbeing.
  • Sexual concerns which may involve functioning, desire, arousal, pain or orgasm.
  • Relationship concerns. This might include situations like “my partner wants more/less sex than I do” mismatched libido, discrepancies or difference in other aspects of sexuality such as kink, general “we want to enhance our relationship”, and “I don’t have an intimate relationship” related scenarios.
  • Illness, pain or physical difficulties that impact sexual wellbeing. This also includes STIs.
  • Self-esteem or body image issues
  • Sexuality and gender identity issues. Understanding identity, coming out etc

Specialist GP therapists

Specialist GP therapists are registered providers of Focussed Psychological Strategies (FPS). Specialist GP therapists undergo specialist education in order to become accredited FPS providers.

FPS refers to specific mental healthcare treatments based on evidence-based psychological therapies. This evidence-based psychological therapy has been shown to integrate the best research evidence of clinical effectiveness with general practice clinical expertise. GP therapists can also prescribe medications to assist with psychological disorders and underlying conditions such as hormonal treatments and psychotropic medications.

Only certain patients are suitable for GP FPS sessions, and our specialist GP therapists are not able to accept referrals under Eating Disorder Care Plans (EDP). Once your referral is received, our GP therapists will triage and assess suitability.

FPS is suitable for short-term therapy (6-10 sessions only).

Suitable cases for FPS sessions:

  • Depression/ Anxiety (mild to moderate)
  • Perinatal Depression/ Anxiety (mild to moderate)
  • Grief
  • Birth trauma
  • Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD)
  • Mood changes in perimenopause/ menopause
  • Managing stress

In Launceston, Dr Sarah Shepherd is offering FPS sessions.

GP Mental Health Treatment Plan (MHTP)

Our psychologist and specialist GP therapist are offering sessions to patients referred with a GP Mental Health Treatment Plan (MHTP) by their regular GP. A MHTP lets you claim psychological therapy sessions from Medicare. This means you will receive a rebate from Medicare for your consultation.

It is important to note for specialist GP therapist appointments, that if you also see a psychologist, the total sessions are used from both specialist GP therapy and psychology therapy (please contact our friendly reception team if you also have a regular psychologist).

To start with, your GP will refer you for up to 6 sessions.
If you need more, your regular GP can refer you for further sessions on recommendation from your psychologist or specialist GP therapist.

You may also choose not to have a MHTP.

Please note that specialist GP therapists MUST have a referral from your GP and a MHTP. Private referrals are not accepted.

Our clinical psychologist is able to accept private referrals without a MHTP. Full payment will be required on the day of the appointment and a receipt can be provided to claim through your private health insurer.

For GP referrers

If you require semi urgent to urgent referrals please specify on the referral or call to flag with our reception team. Every effort will be made to try and accommodate your patient. The more information you have in your referral and MHTP will help us triage.

Timely feedback will be provided if your patient is unsuitable for our service. We will contact patients to arrange appointments after triage. Please tell your patients to wait our phone call.

FPS sessions are appropriate for short term interventions (6-10 sessions).

The specialist GP therapists will see patients rated Level 3 - Moderate Intensity Services under IAR-DST. For further information about this see

Please ensure you complete the following with your referral:

Mental health care plan
AND attach a completed electronic IAR-DST report (;
OR ensure your referral includes adequate information

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the lands on which we live and work. We pay our respects to Indigenous Elders past, present and emerging. Sovereignty has never been ceded. It always was and always will be Aboriginal land.
We are committed to providing an inclusive and safe environment for all people, regardless of race, religion, language, background, age, ability, gender identity or sexual orientation. Everyone deserves respect and the opportunity for a healthy life.