GP Pregnancy Care

When it comes to your pregnancy care options, The Bubble offers a personalised and comprehensive approach to GP pregnancy care also known as antenatal GP shared care.

GP Pregnancy Care at The Bubble

GP Pregnancy Care is a model in which your antenatal care is shared between your GP and the local public hospital. It’s about seeing women before, during and after pregnancy. Establishing this relationship matters not only for the pregnancy but for early parenting and beyond.

Here are the key options available to you when you are pregnant in Launceston:

Midwifery Care at the LGH:

  • Team Midwives or Midwife Group Practice (MGP)

Private Obstetric Care:

  • Available for those with obstetric private health insurance

Private Midwife at Launceston Birth Centre

  • Low risk pregnancies only

GP Pregnancy Care:

  • Ideal for low-risk pregnancies
  • Antenatal shared care model between your GP and the local public hospital
  • Monthly intervals initially with your GP, increasing to fortnightly and then weekly in the late third trimester (37 weeks onwards)
  • Some LGH appointments are required: "Booking in" visit at the LGH around 14 weeks, review at the LGH at 36 weeks with another check-in at 40-41 weeks if labour signs are not evident yet.
  • Acute issues addressed promptly between scheduled visits
  • Suitable for those without private obstetric care through private health funds
  • Offers continuity of care, convenience, and familiarity with your doctor. Your GP can care for you before, during and after your pregnancy. Unfortunately, they cannot attend your birth but you will be in good hands with the LGH midwives and doctors.
  • Costs more than public hospital midwife care but less than private obstetrician care

Note: High-risk pregnancies without a private obstetrician will be managed through the high-risk pregnancy clinic at the LGH.

Understanding GP Pregnancy Care:

  • Provides a community-based, holistic, safe, and culturally appropriate model of care
  • Ideal for those seeking continuity of care
  • The GP's role at The Bubble includes initial confirmation of pregnancy, arranging tests and scans, and referrals
  • Routine antenatal assessments at each appointment, including BP, fundal height, foetal movements, foetal heart rate, presentation/position (from 3rd trimester), maternal weight (if indicated), urine analysis, and mental health assessments
  • Bed side "hello baby" ultrasound scans at each appointment. Photos and short videos can be saved to USB for your personal use.
  • Information provision and facilitation of discussions
  • Order and review of tests as required (18–22-week morphology scan, 26-week glucose tolerance test, iron studies, etc.)
  • Reassess planned schedule of care and identify women who may require additional attention

At The Bubble, our aim is to provide you with comprehensive and personalised care throughout your pregnancy journey. If you have any questions or need further information, feel free to reach out to our dedicated team.

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