Malinda Howe

Office Manager


Mal is known for her infectious laugh and bubbly personality. She has just recently relocated to Hobart from Launceston for her dream job at TBH (and perhaps to be closer to her partner!)

Fun fact: Mal used to work with TBL girls Dr Tash, Maddy & Kirilly many moons ago when they were just babies #funtimes

Mal is a born and raised Tassie girl and has extensive medical admin skills. She is a team player and can easily bring a smile to your face. People often say they hear Mal before they see her.

Mal loves Hobart and being near the beach. She loves taking photos, road trips and really loves being in the #bubblegang because she’s addicted to fun!

In her spare time Mal enjoys attending the odd music gig and having a dance with her friends.

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