You're Pregnant! What next?

Congratulations, your pregnancy test has come back positive!

Congratulations, your pregnancy test has come back positive!

Positive News? Here's What to Do:

Firstly, ensure you're taking a pregnancy supplement containing folic acid and iodine. The Royal Australian College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology recommends at least 0.5mg of folic acid a month before planned pregnancy and for the first three months to reduce the risk of neural tube defects.

If there's a known increased risk, consider a daily 5mg dose. This may be those taking anticonvulsant (epilepsy) medication, women with diabetes, women who are obese, or who have had a previous child or a member of their family affected by a neural tube defect, and those who are at a risk of poor absorption of their food.

Iodine supplementation of 150mcg per day is also crucial for your baby's brain development.

If you're unsure about your next steps or need guidance, reach out to our administration team. They can promptly schedule an appointment with one of our experienced Bubble GPs to discuss your options which may include termination of pregnancy.

Next Steps:

Book an Appointment:

Schedule a visit with your GP or one of our Bubble GPs. The Bubble GPs offer up-to-date advice on managing pregnancy. When you call, provide the date of your Last Menstrual Period (LMP) to help estimate your current stage. Priority is given to those further along, and if you've experienced any issues like bleeding or severe nausea, inform the admin team for a prompt appointment.

First Appointment Highlights:

  • Pregnancy urine test
  • Establishing dates
  • Addressing concerns about pregnancy or general health
  • Organising early blood tests, dating ultrasound, and discussing genetic screening
  • Advice on diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes
  • Assessing mental health
  • Ensuring safety of medications during pregnancy
  • Discussion on pregnancy care options

Note: Dating ultrasound scans are available at The Bubble with certain doctors and for suitable patients (i.e. low risk, known LMP).

Second Appointment Highlights:

  • Addressing symptoms and well-being
  • Reviewing results from investigations
  • Providing referrals for the 12-week ultrasound and NIPT/nuchal translucency if desired
  • Discussing and arranging ongoing pregnancy care options

Choosing The Bubble for Your Pregnancy Care:

If you opt for GP pregnancy care at The Bubble, your subsequent appointment will be scheduled accordingly. For those transitioning to public hospital or private obstetric care, we will probably see you again at your six-week postnatal mum and baby check. Early postnatal support is available, including midwife-run pregnancy classes and assistance with infant-related concerns (feeding difficulty, cry fuss problems, weight concerns, sleep issues).

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