6-Week Postnatal Checks for Mums and Babies

The 6-week postpartum check is a crucial milestone for mum and baby.

Why a 6-Week Postpartum Check Matters:

The 6-week postpartum check is a crucial milestone for new mothers, serving as a comprehensive assessment of physical recovery and emotional well-being after childbirth. Typically recommended 6 weeks after giving birth, this check is an opportunity to ensure that you and your baby are thriving post-pregnancy.

At this stage, most women have recuperated from the challenges of labour and delivery. The check also addresses the resolution of any conditions related to the pregnancy, such as hypertension or gestational diabetes.

The Importance of the 6-Week Check:

Reflecting on Your Birth Experience:

  • Discussing your baby's birth experience, especially if it deviated from your plan.
  • Addressing interventions and understanding their likelihood of recurring to aid in healing birth trauma and disappointment.
  • Opportunity for a 'debrief' if your labour and birth were different than anticipated.

Recovery and Adjustment:

  • A chance to discuss your recovery and adjustment to caring for a new baby.
  • Acknowledging the challenges of the first few months of motherhood, providing a supportive environment to share experiences.

Who Conducts the Check?

Typically, the six-week postnatal check for both the mother and baby is conducted by a GP. In cases where private obstetric care was received, the obstetrician will handle the mother's check, but it's essential for the GP to perform the baby check.

Your overall health, baby's progress, feeding, and sleep will all be discussed. We'll delve into any pain you may be experiencing, particularly after a caesarean or instrumental birth. Conversations will extend to common post-childbirth concerns, including constipation, and explore topics related to sexual health and available contraceptive options.

To ensure thorough assessments without any rush, our six-week postnatal appointments at The Bubble are intentionally extended. If you are seeking these checks elsewhere, please ensure that a longer appointment duration is scheduled for the comprehensive evaluation.

In specific cases, a physical examination for the mother may be required, which may involve checking blood pressure, conducting a breast examination in cases of symptoms or breastfeeding difficulty, examining the abdomen to ensure the uterus has returned to its pre-pregnancy position, performing a vaginal examination, and, if due, a cervical screening test. Additionally, an assessment for signs of bladder or bowel prolapse may be conducted.

Detailed head to toe examination of the baby, including weight, will be performed. All information will be detailed in your baby's Personal Health Record book. A discussion about any concerns regarding your baby are also addressed.

At present, we do not administer immunisations for infants at The Bubble. However, we have established a partnership with Windmill Hill Medical on High St, simplifying the process for arranging your baby's immunisations at their clinic. Alternatively, you can schedule immunisations through your regular GP clinic or your local government clinic.

At The Bubble, we prioritise the holistic well-being of both mothers and their precious little ones. Our 6-week postnatal checks aim to provide the utmost care and support during this transformative period.

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