Reece Doherty

Medical Receptionist


When you step into our Bubble in Launceston, your first encounter will likely be with none other than Reece.

With an impressive background spanning 9 years in the realm of childcare, Reece's passion lies in all things related to babies and children. Her skills in organisation and her knack for managing little people seamlessly translate into her new role as a medical receptionist. Just as she expertly orchestrated the schedules and needs of young ones, Reece now brings that same precision to ensuring appointments run smoothly and efficiently.

Beyond her role at the clinic, Reece finds joy in the company of her best mates and family. She's your go-to partner-in-fun, always up for anything that promises a good laugh and a memorable time.

So, as you step through our doors, rest assured that Reece's welcoming smile, nurturing spirit, organisational prowess, and experience in rocking prams or holding little ones are here to make your visit to The Bubble Launceston even more delightful

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